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Admission Information

Admission is granted on the basis of

•  First come first serve basis

•  Physically fit and mentally sound.

Admission process begins with counseling and completes on the receipt of admission fees and making the entry into the Record Register. In the record the groups are allocated based on age of the child and the age eligibility criteria and date of admission. A birth certificate as a proof of age from a civic body / School transfer certificate / Bonafide Certificate from concerned studied school is required at the time of registration. Five passport sized photographs are to be submitted at the time of registration. For more details contact at our front office.

British Grammar School is offering 1 st Standard to 10 th Standard, Permitted & Recognized by State Government of Andhra Pradesh.


General Rules & Regulations:

•  Students are prohibited to go out of school premises during school hours and lunch hour without the permission of the principal.

•  Students should respect the beauty and cleanliness of the school and take utmost care to promote the same.

•  Speaking in any other language except English is strictly forbidden in school premises.

•  Students are responsible for their belongings and the school cannot be held responsible for their jewellery, books, money etc. lost by them.

•  Scribbling on books, desks and walls is strictly prohibited and liable to fines.

•  Running or playing in the school compound and shouting inside the classes is not allowed.

•  Irregular attendance, constant negligence of students and home work will not be permitted under any circumstances.

•  Disobedience and misbehavior towards staff members or repeated breaking of school rules or behavior objectionable to the good tone of the school, even outside the school premises will deserve severe punishment or even dismissal if warnings are ignored.

•  Immorality, bad conduct, grave insubordination, contempt of authorities or willful damage to property is always a sufficient reason for immediate dismissal.

•  Any kind of damage done to the school property must be made good by the one who does it. She should at once report to the class teacher / principal about the damage caused by her.

•  Letters of the students addressed to the school are subject of scrutiny by the principal.

•  Every student must have her diary and bring it to school daily.

•  Unit-tests, assignments and terminal exams are obligatory on all students. No one should absent herself for an examination/test. If a student is absent for a test or examination a re-test or re-examination will not be given.